Saturday, 25 March 2017

Xfinity: What Exactly Is Xfinity?

What is Xfinity?

So, at first, Comcast promoted the Xfinity brand back in February of 2010, and they used it to rebrand the trademark for the services that they used to call the triple play. It primarily covers the most expensive of Comcast’s markets like Internet access, digital voice, and digital cable. They rebranded the latter as Xfinity TV, and what was formerly called Comcast high-speed Internet was renamed Xfinity Internet. They also changed Comcast Digital Voice into Xfinity Voice for cable telephony. I remember when they launched this major marketing campaign for the Xfinity brand on NBC during coverage of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

It was early 2013 when Comcast started using equipment branded as Xfinity to broadcast hotspot services from the homes of customers. The units they install in your house that serve as both cable modems and routers in a unique device let other Comcast customers access WiFi for free in more than 500,000 locations in the United States, which was a use for WiFi that significantly expanded Xfinity service when they started implementing it. The accesses to WiFi also means that Xfinity customers who have just started an account and purchased an Internet access plan with them are usually able to use Xfinity service before it’s even installed at their house, generally because they gain access to hotspots from the routers of other customers.

Advantages of using Xfinity:

I put together a list of all the advantages of using Xfinity below. These stem from using the innovative network and the product capabilities that Xfinity Internet, Xfinity Voice, and Xfinity TV services. You can see that these things give you way more control over your entertainment but also a lot more choices in general. Plus, it doesn’t just have to do with entertainment; it’s also more control and more options about information and communications products that Comcast provides for you. These are the markers of progress for phone, the Internet, and TV technology.

•    Get access to between 50 and 70 channels
•    Watch top TV shows online along with over 19,000 movies
•    Get impressive HD picture quality and literally over 100 high-definition channels
•    Get more than 20,000 choices On Demand plus a much broader selection of genres
•    Get Wideband Internet speeds that range well over 50Mbps and sometimes more than 100Mbps

XFINITY Internet :

 One of the main ways we measure Internet speed and capability is download speeds, and Xfinity Internet has the fastest download speeds. They download files at rates as high as 50Mbps. Getting Xfinity Internet also lets you set up seven e-mail accounts, each with 10GB of storage.


 They give you the most HD movies, music, and TV shows and the best picture quality. There’s also just more ways to watch them all with Xfinity TV.


Xfinity’s got the highest rating compared to its competitors concerning call clarity, so your service is entirely clear in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Xfinity is the latest technology platform at Comcast’s disposal for their products and services, and it provides the newest, cutting-edge advances in the communications and entertainment technology sectors. Its advanced fiber-optic network offers faster Internet speeds than competitors, more HD channels, considerably more choices for Video On Demand, and a variety of other advantages. Additionally, this facilitates a myriad of convergence features that mesh the Internet, phone, and TVs for their customers.

Get Xfinity and bundle these three sets of services together so that you can get the best out of Internet, Voice, and TV for as little as possible. It’s the best way to go.