American Board of Psychology

July 24, 2020

NEXUS: Biofeedback

Credentialing and Licensing Agencies seeking Verification*

please use our



Once you have purchased your credit(s) you will need to return to the online verification link below to look up the actual psychologist for verification.

⇒ Provides primary source verification including dates of certification, certificate number, expiration date and board specialty.

⇒ Once you have located the ABPP Board Certified Specialist you will be able to print and/or email the Verification.

⇒ If the psychologist is not located, click on the "NOT FOUND" to receive a verification letter stating that the psychologist is not an ABPP Board Certified Specialist.

⇒ First time users will need to create a new account under New User. For future verifications you will be able to log in under Existing Users.

⇒ The online fee for verification is $25 per psychologist searched, and can be paid using Visa, MasterCard, and American Express

⇒ You can pay for each search or purchase multiple credits for numerous verifications.

⇒ VERIFICATION COMPANIES IF YOU ARE NOT PAYING BY VISA, MC, or AMEX: Please click here and complete the email to have an invoice sent for a verification account. You will also need to set up an account if you have not already done so.

NOTE: This directory lists all current ABPP board certified psychologists. If a name does not appear, that individual 1) is either not board certified through ABPP, 2) has not maintained the above requirements (it is possible that an individual has overlooked providing the attestation and fee), and/or 3) is among the small percentage of people who have elected to not appear in our online directory. If an individual claims to be ABPP board certified and is not listed in this directory, it is appropriate to contact ABPP at ABPP will follow up with that individual and/or will verify the status.

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