North American Journal of Psychology

December 16, 2018

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The submission of good papers is very important to any psychology journal. The North American Journal of Psychology (ISSN 1527-7143) publishes scientific papers that are of general interest to psychologists and other social scientists. Papers may encompass a wide variety of topics, methods, and strategies. Though the home office is located in North America, submissions are welcome from all parts of the globe. To date NAJP has published papers from about 25 countries outside the USA. Many of these have come from English-speaking countries like Canada, Australia, and England, but we have also published a few papers that originated from countries like Argentina, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, and Uganda.

Submit 1 paper copy of each manuscript prepared according to APA guidelines and mailed with regular postage to the address seen below, and e-mail the file to We encourage you to have your paper read by peers before submission. We will try to mail a decision on your paper within 5 weeks of receipt by us. If it is eventually accepted (Papers are never accepted without at least some minor revision) we will publish your paper in an average of 5 months of receipt of a final accepted version.

If the final paper is accepted, please send a check or purchase order for the amount specified in your invoice with your final draft (billed at $20 dollars per page).

Submission of a manuscript to the Journal is a contract to publish with the Journal if the paper is accepted. Because of our rapid editorial feedback, simultaneous submission to other journals is not allowed. We will offer brief comments on the suitability of a topic for publication in NAJP before a submission.

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