Virginia Tech Clinical Psychology

February 1, 2021

Scientists: Parasite may alter

Graduate Program Director : Julie Dunsmore

Professors: Martha Ann Bell; Warren Bickel (VT-Carilion Research Institute); George Clum; Kirby Deater-Deckard; Jack Finney; E Geller; Russell Jones; Thomas Ollendick; Robert Stephens; Richard Winett

Associate Professors: Danny Axsom; Lee Cooper; Julie Dunsmore; Roseanne Foti; Joseph Germana; David Harrison; Robert Harvey; Neil Hauenstein; Jungmeen Kim-Spoon; Robin Panneton; Angela Scarpa-Friedman; Bruce Scarpa-Friedman; Susan White

Assistant Professors: Anthony Cate; Pearl Chiu (VT-Carilion Research Institute); Rachel Diana; Brooks King-Casas (VT-Carilion Research Institute); John Richey; Bradley White

Research Faculty: Eileen Bill; Sharon Ramey (VT-Carilion Research Institute); Craig Ramey (VT-Carilion Research Institute)

Alumni Distinguished Professor: E Geller

University Distinguished Professor: Thomas Ollendick

Heilig Meyers Professor: Richard Winett

Senior Instructors: Kurt Hoffman

The Department of Psychology at Virginia Tech offers graduate programs leading to the Ph.D. in four areas: Biological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Science, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Students earn a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in psychology en route to the Ph.D., but the department does not offer a terminal M.S. degree in any area. Applications from students with either bachelors or advanced degrees are welcomed. Although the graduate curriculum is organized into four specialty areas, all share the same philosophy: to assure that all graduate students are provided with the conceptual, quantitative, and methodological skills necessary to solve theoretical and applied problems.

Williams Hall is the on-campus home of the Department of Psychology, housing faculty and student offices, research labs, and classrooms. In addition, the department's off-campus Psychological Services Center and Child Study Center provide the foundation for practicum and research training and offer direct clinical services to children, adults, and families.

Additional department resources include three state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated to undergraduate and graduate teaching and research. The psychophysiological laboratory includes computer workstations, EEG/Evoked Potential workstations (including Neuroscan, Coulbourn, and BioPAC equipment), visual acuity and tracking equipment, as well as extensive perception equipment. The psychophysiology laboratory also houses the department's STISIM Drive fully-interactive driving simulator.

The department also maintains a computer lab with 20 Dell Optiplex workstations for technology-assisted teaching and research with neurophysiological and cognitive experimental software, statistical analysis software, and data management programs.

The newly-opened dedicated-research computer laboratory includes 12 Dell Optiplex workstations with capabilities for running a variety of customized research software.

Several faculty are affiliated with the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, which offers world-class facilities for behavioral research, the world's premier human functional magnetic resonance imaging facility, and large-scale computational clusters for modeling, simulations, and analyses of large-scale molecular, genomic, biophysical, behavioral, imaging, and population-based data.

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