Counseling Psychologist

August 11, 2018

Counseling Psychologist
is the official publication of the Division of Counseling Psychology (Division 17) of the American Psychological Association. Each issue includes a major article or set of articles on a specific theme of importance to the theory, research, and practice of counseling psychology. In addition, articleas appear in the Forums that address professional issues, methodological and theoretical issues, and comments on previous publications in the journal.

Associate Editors

Forum Editor - International

Forum Editor - Legacies and Traditions

Editorial Assistant

Administrative Assistant

Editorial Board

Ignacio David Acevedo-Polakovich Michigan State University, USA
Jason Burrow-Sanchez University of Utah, USA
Ruth Chu-Lien Chao University of Denver, USA
Shannon Chavez-Korell University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA
Hsiu-Lan Cheng University of San Francisco, USA
Ayse Çiftçi Purdue University, USA
Dionne S. Cocker-Appiah Georgetown University, USA
M. Meghan Davidson University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA
Frank R. Dillon University at Albany, USA
Patton O. Garriott
Patrick R. Grzanka University of Tennessee-Knoxville, USA
Bernadette D. Heckman University of Georgia, USA
Mary Ann Hoffman University of Maryland, USA
Melissa K. Holt Boston University, USA
Joshua N. Hook University of North Texas, USA
Bong J. Hwang Arizona State University, USA
Dawn M. Johnson University of Akron, USA
Shaheen Ashraf Kagee University of Stellenbosch, South Africa
Danielle Keenan-Miller University of California, Los Angeles, USA
Debbiesiu L. Lee University of Miami, USA
Melanie E. Leuty University of Southern Mississippi, USA
Jioni A. Lewis
Christopher T.H. Liang Lehigh University, USA
Kelly Yu-Hsin Liao University of Houston, USA
Christopher MacKinnon McGill University, Canada
Elizabeth Nutt Williams St. Mary’s College of Maryland, USA
Tiffany A. O’Shaughnessy San Francisco State University, USA
Rhea Owens University of British Columbia, Canada
William D. Parham Loyola Marymount University, USA
Patrick Possel University of Louisville, USA
Brandi L. Pritchett-Johnson University of Florida, USA
Ashley K. Randall
Joseph Rath Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, NYU School of Medicine, USA
Robert J. Reese University of Kentucky, USA
Carlos E. Santos
Christopher D. Slaten University of Missouri - Columbia, USA
Alisia G. Tran
Ma. Teresa G. Tuason University of North Florida, USA
Kenneth T. Wang Fuller Theological Seminary, USA
Sherry C. Wang Santa Clara University, USA
Susan S. Woodhouse
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The Counseling Psychologist publishes several types of conceptual and empirical articles related to counseling psychology. Manuscripts on all topics relevant to counseling psychologists are welcome and will be considered. Authors may also wish to refer to the Editor’s vision statement regarding current and future directions for the Journal.


Regular Manuscripts include conceptual articles and empirical reports of research with U.S. samples. These manuscripts should be no more than 35 pages in length (including references, tables, and figures). Reports of qualitative research projects may be up to 40 pages in length (including references, tables, and figures).

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Counseling Psychologist powerpoint
Counseling Psychologist powerpoint
The Psychologist: Counseling Cookie Monster
The Psychologist: Counseling Cookie Monster
Danielle J. Simmons, PhD Counseling Psychologist Assistant
Danielle J. Simmons, PhD Counseling Psychologist Assistant ...