Accredited Online School Psychology Programs

July 26, 2021

James College – Accredited

This online distance-learning hybrid program is designed for working professionals and is offered through online coursework with synchronous and in-person training requirements. The program was previously a certificate-only program where students earned a state-level Educational Staff Associate certificate to practice school psychology. As of fall 2014, program graduates earn both a school psychology certificate and an Educational Specialist degree in school psychology. Appropriate candidates for the program are educators or those working in education, counseling, mental health or psychology-related fields. As of winter of 2015, the program will be accepting applicants with both master's and bachelor's degrees. Applicants with bachelor's degrees must have completed either three years of full-time teaching or at least five years of relevant professional experience in a closely related field to be considered. We adhere to a scientist-practitioner model that prepares students for practice as a school psychologist. Candidates completing our program are prepared to receive a Residency Educational Staff Associate (ESA) Certificate in School Psychology from Washington's Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). Students are encouraged to seek national certification through preparation of individual portfolios.

Coursework, practicum, internship, and portfolio expectations are aligned with state and national training standards. Specific areas of training include student and program evaluation (measurement principles); development of academic and social-behavioral intervention plans (e.g., instructional and behavioral analysis, consultation and home-school collaboration); and research (methods and statistics). The program adopts a preventive focus by training candidates to assess and intervene at the individual, school-wide and at-risk group level. Knowledge and skills are developed through integrated coursework, field experiences and internship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

Students have an option to complete the School Psychology Respecialization program in either 2 or 3 years. Both options include coursework during the summer sessions. Students who choose the 2-year option complete full-time coursework for 5 quarters and then a full-time, 1200 hour internship. Students who choose the 3-year option complete coursework part-time for 8 quarters prior to completing the same, full-time, 1200 hour internship.

What type of technology is required?

Technology requirements for participation in this program include:

  • high bandwidth required (28, 8 kbps speed or above); access should be through a direct Internet connection (not wireless)
  • up-to-date computer and browser requirements that follow program recommendations and Canvas requirements
  • a webcam
  • a headset with microphone
  • access to a scanner or printer that scans to PDF.

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Accredited online homeschool program
Accredited online homeschool program
Accredited Degree Online Psychology University
Accredited Degree Online Psychology University
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