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October 16, 2020

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Graduates of online psychology programs are prepared to apply their skills in a number of professional capacities. Outside of traditional clinical psychology practice, qualified graduates may choose to conduct research, teach or work in social services. The following positions are just a few of the diverse options available to graduates:

– Industrial organizational (I/O) psychologists are responsible for assessing and treating issues in the workplace and between coworkers. I/O psychologists analyze organizational management systems and emphasize teamwork and morale-building exercises in the workplace. They may treat individuals, teams or whole organizations in an effort to boost communal and individual morale.

– Psychology graduates are well-suited to a career in research. Survey researchers develop and conduct surveys to collect data pertaining to various demographic groups. Professionals with psychology experience are qualified to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, consumer behavior or education statistics in an effort to study the psychological characteristics of particular social and cultural groups.

– While professors at four-year universities typically require a PhD, graduates from a master’s program in psychology are generally eligible to teach at community colleges. In guiding students as they start college, community college psychology professors provide introductory coursework and help students explore potential careers in the field.

These are just some of the positions available to graduates in the field. While there is no shortage of positions available to psychology students, the three jobs profiled above are among the most commonly sought by recent graduates.

Position Median Annual Salary Projected Growth Rate
Industrial Organizational Psychologist $70, 700 19%
Survey Researcher $46, 760 12%
Psychology Professor at Community College $70, 790 13%

Pursuing a master’s in psychology degree online has its advantages, particularly for certain field specialties. Students interested in research or data analysis, for example, can expect to gain experience with digital data collection tools and interactive research platforms. As new technologies develop, the field is wide open to a variety of new and exciting positions for qualified candidates, offering you the opportunity to prepare for the career you have always wanted.

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masters school psychology online, attorney
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