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March 8, 2020

A psychology major from

One of the defining aspects of a career in psychology is its sheer variety. People with Masters' degrees in psychology can go in many directions. Psychologists who choose to stay directly in the field may conduct both basic and applied research, may diagnose and treat people, or test personality and intelligence.

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Average Psychologist salaries for job postings nationwide are 42% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.

Or, many people with a psychology degree may decide to work outside the field, working with business executives, children, performers or athletes to reduce stress in their lives to improve the quality of their lives. They may advise attorneys on how to select jurors, or possibly work with educators on how to reform a school system. They also may work with public health workers and law enforcement to help people to overcome shock and trauma in an emergency situation.

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Manda Coupe and Gladys Calderón, Psychology students from Indiana University-Purdue University of Fort Wayne give insight into a career in Psychology.

The extensive career list below reveals just how varied a career in this field can be. Whatever your interest in the field, you can find an enjoyable and lucrative career with a degree in psychology.

  1. Video Game Researcher - $17, 000 - Video Game Researchers test the market place to determine need for quality and subject of game material. They may also perform research tasks to find the latest technology and design tactics.
  2. Executive Coaching Psychologist - $19, 000 - An executive coaching psychologist is focused on helping executives become more successful professionals in their businesses.
  3. Media Psychologist - $19, 000 - A media psychologist studies and analyzes how the media - TV, print and Internet mostly - affect our lives and society.
  4. Counselor Aide - $22, 000 - Counselor Aides are in charge of providing administrative assistance, as well as organizing, and developing programs for the counselor in charge to help families in an effort to improve human relationships and treat social behavioral problems.
  5. Psychology Professor - $22, 000 - A Psychology Professor mediates discussion, designs and grades papers and tests, and designs lesson plans to instruct students in the field of psychology.
  6. Staffing Consultant - $23, 000 - Staffing Consultants use knowledge in the field of business and staffing to focus on hiring within organizations. They usually pull from a researched pool of applicants that are found through online job ads, career fairs, or received resumes to make hiring decisions with the management of HR departments.
  7. Behavior Analyst - $24, 000 - A Behavior Analyst works with both adults and children to help achieve improvement at school or work. They assist patients with overcoming disabilities and use conditioning and reinforcement therapy.
  8. Warehouse Manager - $24, 000 - A Warehouse Manager supervises tasks within a warehouse; this covers receiving, handling, distribution, and shipping, as well as training employees and updating policies and regulations.
  9. Affirmative Action Officer - $26, 000 - An Affirmative Action Officer evaluates compliance with diversity laws and policies within schools and businesses and creates new opportunities for equality within those organizations for people of all race, gender, sexuality, ability, and age.
  10. Psychological Associate - $26, 000 - A Psychological Associate doesn't have the same education level or responsibilities as a practicing psychologist due to requirements within the field of psychology. For this reason many Associates in this field find themselves working with the elderly or physically and mentally disabled in positions of care.
  11. Airline Reservations Clerk - $27, 000 - Airline Reservations Clerks, also referred to as ticket agents, are responsible for printing boarding passes, arranging seat reservations, and preparing luggage for travelers. This is also a huge area of customer service within the travel industry.
  12. Addictions Psychologist - $28, 000 - An addictions psychologist studies the cognitive, social and emotional processes that drive a person's addictions.
  13. Insurance Agent - $28, 000 - An Insurance Agent is the point of contact of consumers for an insurance company. He may give advice on which policy best suits the lifestyle and financial standings of the client and specializes in fields like property, auto, life, and health.
  14. Newspaper Reporter - $28, 000 - Newspaper Reporters gather factual information from the world around them regarding important events of multimedia stories and reports it through a published paper.
  15. Residential Youth Counselor - $28, 000 - Residential Youth Counselors work closely with children and adolescents with developmental issues and behavioral problems. They supervise and design programs to support social interaction, and work one on one with students through therapeutic measures.
  16. Air Force Recruiter - $30, 000 - The Air Force Recruiter is a human resources role within the U.S. military and includes such duties as meeting potential recruits and presenting information to families and organizations regarding the U.S. Air Force.
  17. Certified School Psychologist - $30, 000 - Certified School Psychologists work with kids who are having development, academic, or social problems within the school system or at home. They also work with families and the school faculty to help children build a more positive life.
  18. Engineering Psychologist - $30, 000 - An Engineering Psychologist may help in the design of products, as well as in reaching or research related to engineering.
  19. Human Service Worker - $31, 000 - A human service worker is a type of social worker...

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