Best universities for Psychology majors

April 7, 2020

Psychology degree programs in
Teaching at university level will often involve pursuing your own research, in order to contribute to the knowledge and betterment of your department in the field of psychology.

Another route is to become an educational psychologist, a role concerned with the development of children and young people in educational settings. The aim is to enhance learning and will mean dealing with social and emotional issues and/or learning difficulties.

More generally, a background in psychology can also be a useful asset in a very broad range of educational roles, whatever subject you choose to teach and whoever your students are.

Psychology careers in research

Psychology careers in research may be based within universities, independent research agencies, or a wide range of public- and private-sector organizations working in a relevant field. For example, you may conduct research to contribute to governmental guidance on the most effective ways to encourage healthier eating, or carry out research for a campaign group striving to improve people’s happiness at work. Alternatively, you may focus on strategies for overcoming speech difficulties, learn how to assess a patient suffering from brain damage, or research the impacts of divorce on children. The possibilities are vast.

Psychology careers in creative industries

The broad banner of the creative industries includes anything relating to arts and humanities – such as media, advertising and the visual arts world. Psychology graduates are valued in these industries for their insights into human behaviors and motivations, their ability to analyze a problem and quickly form a considered response, and also for their skills in reasoning, developing ideas and giving advice.

Along with the aforementioned skills, a psychology graduate’s ability to handle data and work with people could also provide a good basis for careers in industries including IT, finance, the legal sector, government administration, market research and human resources management.

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