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May 13, 2020

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Welcome to the Department of Psychology at Rider University. Our faculty is devoted to providing a broad foundation in the field of psychology to best prepare students for graduate school and a fulfilling career. We emphasize the scientific foundations of the discipline and the application of this basic knowledge to address real-world concerns. Our faculty is diverse, representing areas such as Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology. Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Health Psychology.

Our students are successful in attaining graduate school acceptances across the country and in securing employment in fields such as counseling, education, social services, and health care.

A Comprehensive Education

The Psychology Department is designed to meet the needs of various types of students and to develop a broad understanding of the many topic areas within psychology. The program is committed to helping students:

  • understand and appreciate both the scientific foundations and human service aspects of the field of psychology
  • develop and apply oral, written, analytical and critical-thinking skills applied to psychological issues, questions and problems
  • understand issues in contemporary psychology and recognize and apply psychological knowledge in order to provide solutions to real world problems
  • develop both interpersonal and intrapersonal knowledge through academic experiences and extra-curricular activities that foster self-awareness and personal growth, the development of leadership skills, and a respect and understanding for human development and human diversity

Career Skills

Our program helps to develop the fundamental skills that predict success in the profession of psychology, human services, corporate jobs, education, and graduate school. We stress the development of writing skills, both technical report writing and literature research papers. We offer a range of instruction on the use of computers, including statistical data analysis, online control of laboratory experiments, text processing, and presentation software. In fieldwork placements students gain work experience in a variety of human services programs within the community.

The psychology faculty encourage students to become involved in research projects. Many Rider psychology seniors bound for graduate school receive offers of substantial financial aid in the form of assistantships and tuition waivers. These offers are made because our majors carry out research of high quality. Students have coauthored journal publications with the faculty and presented papers at regional and national conferences. Laboratories are always open for students, and faculty supervision is always available.

About three-fourths of the graduating psychology majors each year will secure a good first job, while about one-fourth go on to further graduate and professional training at the masters and doctoral level. Rider psychology majors have been very successful in gaining admission to graduate programs. All seniors that sought admission to graduate school were accepted by at least one of the schools to which they applied, including many of the most prestigious universities in the country. Many psychology majors complete a second major in a related field, most often in Rider's College of Education, and later pursue a career in teaching. View a list of outcomes.

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HSP - Psychology Schools of Thought
HSP - Psychology Schools of Thought
Psychology Major
Psychology Major