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September 8, 2015

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Declaration of the Psychology Pre-Major

Students can declare the pre-major at any time. However, it is recommended that once decided to please come into the Psychology Advising Office and declare it ASAP so that the undergraduate advisers can advise on what classes are needed in order to graduate.

Declaration of the Psychology Major

All psychology pre-majors will be automatically placed in the psychology major as long as they meet the impaction criteria (see below). Students who are not psychology pre-majors and would like to switch to the psychology major will need to meet in-person at the Psychology Advising Office to fill out paperwork.

Meeting Impaction requirements

If you have already been declared as a psychology pre-major and have met the impaction criteria below, your pre-major status will be switched to major status automatically online. Unless there is an administrative or computer error you will not need to come into the Undergraduate Advising Office to declare the major.

If you have not yet declared the psychology major, you must satisfy the impaction requirements before you can declare the major. This means you must report in-person, to the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office and provide evidence that you have completed the requirements.

The impaction requirements are the following:

  • Cleared math and writing competency
  • Completed at least 45 units with a cumulative GPA of 2.4 or higher
  • Completed all prep for the major classes (PSY 101, PSY 211, PSY 230, PSY 280 or PSY 281) with a C or higher, or C if the class is only offered as Credit/No Credit (PSY 201)

What do I do if I made less than a C in PSY 101, PSY 211, PSY 230, PSY 280 (or PSY 281 if you have taken another stats class such as STATS 119) or received NC in PSY 201?

You can take that class for course forgiveness, which we will be happy to explain in the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office.

Lower Division: Preparation For The Major (20 Units)

Comparable classes are accepted. These classes are required even if you have already completed upper-division course work. Also required: satisfaction of the foreign language requirement.

PSY 101 (3) Intro PSY (Grade: C or better)

PSY 211 (3) Learning

PSY 230 (3) Developmental PSY

PSY 260 (3) Intro Physiological PSY

PSY 270 (3) Statistics (Grade: C or better)

• Enforced: Concurrent enrollment in 271

• Grade B or better in statistics is a prereq for PSY 370 & 410

• Completion of statistics is prereq for PSY 301

PSY 271 (1) Data Analysis Psy

• Prereq for PSY 301 and 410

BIO 100 (3) General Biology (Grade: C or better)

• Prereq for Psy 260

Upper Division: The Major: 31 Units of Upper-Division Psychology

Methods Requirement: one of the following

Introduction to Research Methods, PSY 301 (4 units)


Laboratory in Experimental Psychology, PSY 410 (5 units), but you may take both.

Breadth Requirement: 12 units (four classes) from the following

You may take additional classes from this list. Units beyond 12 will count as electives. We recommend that you take at least one course numbered 360, 361, 380 or 388.

Electives: 15 additional units (14 if you took PSY 410)

Electives may be selected from any psychology courses numbered 300 and above.

Note: As of Fall 2003 the Psychology Department will implement a number of new curriculum changes. Students who declare the psychology major as of Fall 2003 or later are subject to these new catalog changes.

A minimum of 31 upper division units in psychology to include Psychology 301 or 410 and 12 units, including at least three units from each of the following groups. The remaining three units are selected from Group II or Group III but may not be selected from courses listed on the same line.

Group I. One of the following:

Psychology 340 or 344

Group II. At least one of the following:

Psychology 319

Psychology 331 or 332

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So, You Want to be a Psychology Major?
So, You Want to be a Psychology Major?
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