Why major in Psychology?

August 31, 2021


Choosing a college major can be a very difficult task, especially if you are torn between competing degree options. Psychology might interest you, but you also need to consider if related subjects like education, sociology or anthropology be a better fit.

How to Decide

In this lesson, your goal is to start thinking seriously about psychology as a major and a career.

  • First, you will explore some of the best reasons to earn a psychology degree, including the opportunity to learn more about yourself and others and the chance to study a challenging yet fascinating subject.
  • Next, you will move on to some of the major factors you should consider before you decide to major in psychology.

Picking a major is a critical crossroads in your education, so it is important to spend some serious time learning about your options and reflecting on your own interests, goals and career plans.

If you are keeping an education and career research journal (as recommended in the), this is a great opportunity to write down some of your thoughts as well as the information you learn about your degree options. Consider starting a list of all the pros and cons of majoring in psychology and see if your observations have an impact on your decision.

A Few Reasons to Major in Psychology

In addition to offering a tremendous opportunity for personal growth, majoring in psychology opens up a wide range of career opportunities.

A few other reasons why you should consider majoring in psychology include:

  • A strong interest in the subject
  • A desire to learn more about the human mind and behavior
  • An interest in helping others
  • A passion for research
  • An interest in going to graduate school

If you are still wondering if psychology is the right choice for you, then be sure to check out some of these ten great reasons to earn a psychology degree.

A Few More Things to Consider

As any high school senior or college freshman can attest, choosing a college major can be a nerve-wracking decision. If you are interested in the field of psychology, there are a number of things you should consider before you choose a psychology major.

Taking stock of your interests, talents, and professional goals can help make this important decision easier. Consulting with your academic advisor and members of the community already working in your field of interest may also be helpful.

A Few Reasons NOT to Major In Psychology

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